A former employee of the hospital in Germany received a second life sentence.

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A court in Oldenburg, Germany, found former hospital employee Niels Hegel guilty of killing 85 patients and sentenced him to life imprisonment, the Associated Press reports.

The judge during the announcement of the sentence noted the "special seriousness of the crime", which excludes the possibility of early release of Hegel after 15 years in prison, indicates Deutsche Welle.

According to the prosecution, Niels Hegel committed the murders between 1999 and 2005, when he worked in two hospitals in North-West Germany. He caused cardiac arrest in patients by injecting them with certain drugs, and then tried to resuscitate.

In his last word Hegel said that he realized what pain and suffering he had caused by his "terrible actions".

Nils Hegel is already serving a life sentence. He was sentenced to it in 2015, having found guilty of murder of six people.

The first sentence Hegel handed down in 2008, found guilty of two murders, then he received 7.5 years in prison. The crimes were solved by accident — one of his colleagues saw how Hegel introduces a strong drug to the patient.

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