A girl who was raped at the age of 14 died in the Netherlands.

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A girl who was raped at the age of 14 died in the Netherlands. World media reported about euthanasia — but there is no evidence

In the Netherlands, died 17-year-old Noah Pothoven, who has long sought permission for euthanasia in accordance with the laws of the country. Last week, a farewell post appeared on her instagram: "After many years of hard struggle, it's over. After many interviews and examinations, it was decided that I would be released because my suffering was unbearable. It's over. In fact, I have not lived for a long time, and survive, but not really. I breathe but do not live." Now Beethoven's account is closed, the text of the message is given by the Dutch edition of WelingelichteKringen.

In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia. Under the law, this procedure can be requested by anyone over 12 years of age, adolescents under 17 years of age must obtain parental permission. The patient first discusses his / her decision with the attending physician and an independent specialist who is not involved in the treatment. They must confirm that the patient's suffering is unbearable, and there is no positive prognosis. Lethal injection can be done by the patient or his doctor.

Noah Pothoven was raped at the age of 14
The girl told about her life in the autobiographical book "Win or learn", published in 2018. At the age of 11, she was sexually harassed for the first time at a school party, and the same thing happened a year later. At 14, she was raped by two men. For a long time Noah was ashamed to tell anyone what had happened. She suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anorexia, but no one understood what caused the disease. Her parents told that learned about the events with the daughter only when came across during cleaning her farewell letters to friends and relatives.

Several times Noah tried to be treated — sometimes forcibly. "I felt like a criminal, although I never stole a single candy from the store in my life," pothoven said. One of the medical institutions where she was placed to prevent suicide, she called "real hell".

According to the mother of the girl, hospitalization in another hospital where is being treated for anorexia, you had to wait six months. Because of this Pothoven had to eat through a probe. In addition, according to journalist Naomi o'leary from the publication Politico, who spoke with friends from the Netherlands publications, the girl was denied electroconvulsive therapy.

"There's no place in the Netherlands where her mental and physical problems can be solved," Noah's mother said in 2018. Naomi o'leary reported that Pothoven had made several unsuccessful suicide attempts.

The circumstances of Noah's death Are not entirely clear
For the first time with a request for euthanasia Noah Pothoven appealed to one of the clinics of the Hague in 2018 — without the knowledge of parents. The girl was refused. "I was told that I was too young to die," she told the Dutch edition of De Gelderlander. When Noah turned 17, she was eligible for euthanasia without parental consent.

5 Jun a world and the Russian media spread the message that Noah, Pothoven resorted to the procedure of euthanasia. There's no proof of that. The girl died Sunday, June 2, but under what circumstances — it is not clear. Naomi o'leary wrote that Pothoven refused any food, and the attending physician and the girl's parents decided not to resort to forced feeding. According to Dutch law, as Deutsche Welle notes, this does not equate to euthanasia.

Despite the remaining questions, some media, including The Washington Post, did not deny their reports of Noah's death as a result of euthanasia, writing only that the information needs clarification.

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