A robot duck was created in Japan. She flies, quacks, and generally similar to the vacuum cleaner

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Nissan, the Japanese engineer has developed a robot duck called Aigamo The. A device useful in the cultivation of rice.

As the Verge notes, in Asia, farmers have used ducks for centuries to control weeds in rice fields. Birds also ate insects, and their droppings served as a natural fertilizer. Now this practice is not so common, but The Aigamo can change everything.

However, high-tech duck is more like a robot vacuum cleaner than a bird. Instead of feet she has two rotating screws. They lift the soil from the bottom and thus prevent weeds from germinating. In addition, the movement of the screws also saturates the water with oxygen. The device weighs only one and a half kilograms, on the body it has two eyes. Robotka oriented in space using GPS.

The Creator of the robot has no plans to launch mass production of robot ducks yet. It is not even known how effective the use of such a device.

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