Author of the scale of the modern theory of conspiracy QAnon almost stopped to leave messages. But his movement continues to live

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QAnon - conspirological is the latest movement in the United States, which appeared in late 2017 and since then has managed to recruit tens of thousands of both ordinary Americans and celebrities.

 Less than two years on a mysterious anonymous forum 4chan wrote thousands of posts with hints of a large-scale "plan" President Donald Trump, urging his followers to decipher his messages. Q hinted at extensive cleaning and the arrests of the US Democratic Party's leadership and other opponents Trump, but none of his predictions did not come true, but soon stopped and himself Q. Nevertheless, his fans is not only disappointing, but also gave a new impetus to the movement.

"The calm before the storm"

QAnon movement arose not spontaneously, and on a particular day after a specific infopovoda - at the end of October 2017 at a political forum / pol anonymous imageboard 4chan in the thread titled "Calm before the storm» (Calm Before the Storm). The phrase "I think, this is the calm before the storm," he Trump said at a meeting with his military advisers, October 5, 2017, putting all to a standstill its mystery - no comments, clarifying that he was referring to or from the president or from the White House , was not followed.

October 28 thread on / pol got the first post , which said:

Order extradition Khaidarkan mercury plant [Hillary Rodham Clinton] starting from yesterday operates in several countries in the event of attempts to escape across the border. Passport under special control from the night 12:01 on 30 October. Expected riots, and other opponents of trying to escape from the United States. The operation will hold US forces, NC [National Guard] alerted. Proof: October 30 fighter NG find in any major city and ask if he is on duty.

After that, the mysterious author who has hinted that it has the highest level of access to state secrets, wrote thousands of posts, common sense is reduced approximately to the following:

  • He enters into a deep secret circle of closest advisers President Trump entrusted to execute a great plan and to bring its content to the American public, bypassing the "mainstream media" - which are, of course, under the control of malicious puppeteers and engaged in disinformation and making fools of the public.
  • No chaos in the White House is not: on the contrary, everything that happens - all the sudden resignation, the defeat of the Republican Party in the election in Alabama, and so on - it is part of Trump's plan to clear rows and identify traitors. Moreover, the subject of the investigation spetsprokurora Robert Mueller was not Trump, as Hillary Clinton and her entourage and a real "Russian plot" weave just they. The investigation - it is only a cover, actually helps spetsprokuroru President Clinton Muller reveal the plot (and Barack Obama, George Soros, Rothschild, the Saudi royal family and other).
  • Leaders of the Democratic Party, and many American celebrity worship Satan and are involved in a huge international scheme of trafficking and sexual exploitation of young children (it is in some sense an enhanced and expanded version of "Pitstsageyta"  - earlier conspiracy theory, which appeared shortly before the presidential election in 2016 in the US ). 
  • US intelligence services have also been compromised by the conspirators, so cleansing that leads directly to Donald Trump, will deal with the US armed forces and the National Guard. That's right, at any time - even called the Q specific dates - will begin the arrests, which will be accompanied by a riot. This is the "storm" was talking about Trump.

Q hinted that he is in close proximity to the president, citing as evidence photographs taken allegedly on board the presidential plane Air Force One, or "predicting" the content of these Tweets Trump. The first positions Q looked like a list of questions and hints that the author called " bread crumbs ." "With whom yesterday met POTUS [abrreviatura President of the United States]? Present if there Seshnz Attorney General? What do you call the firm that conducted the repair of the White House? Why in some rooms you can not carry phones? " 

These are the questions the readers were asked to find answers on their own - than many of the participants and followers of 4chan Trump and do, coming to more exotic and improbable conclusions than their anonymous source. QAnon became a kind of "universal conspiracy theory", which includes almost all known conspiracy theories, hoaxes and their characters, from Atlantis, Reptilians and masons to Vladimir Putin (it is in this universe is playing the role of one of the world leaders, which monitors worldwide conspiracy devil-worshipers, but he understands and actively counteracts them).

Yield offline

In just a few months the movement has acquired tens of thousands of supporters, who recorded hundreds of hours of video to YouTube and wrote millions of tweets, decoding becomes more and more vague and abstract allusions Q on 4chan, and then on another anonymous imageboard 8chan. Supporters QAnon find each other on certain hashtag and clothing with the letter Q or abbreviation WWG1WGA ( «Where we go one, we go all» - « Where is the one where we all"). We were fans of traffic and among celebrities - such as Star TV series Roseanne Barr or game Minecraft creator Markus Persson, Notch for Klitschko, who in March 2019 wrote a tweet «Q is telling the truth. Do not believe the media. "

QAnon quickly spilled over from the Internet in real life: 15 June 2018 30-year-old Matthew Phillip Wright, who was sitting behind the wheel of an armored car and armed with an automatic rifle, blocked traffic on the highway leading to the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Wright claimed, "publish the report of the Inspector General", referring to the reportInspector General of the US Department of Justice Michael Horowitz on the results of the investigation of FBI actions in the case of State Hillary Clinton. Report actually came out the day before, but the Q hinted that the public will only be essentially an edited version is available, and the total contains a lot of compromising information about Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party leadership, the FBI and other enemies of the president of Trump. Any hints on the real existence of a "full report" does not exist.

None of the Q does not come true predictions, he almost stopped writing

Neither Clinton nor Obama nor their mysterious puppeteers not arrested, and Donald Trump did not disclose the global conspiracy of Satanists pedophiles. Report spetsprokurora Muller, who had been waiting for fans QAnon (after Mueller, in their view, in fact, secretly worked with Trump, rather than investigating its relationship with Russia), came out in April 2019, and there was not a single mention of any Anyway mysterious conspiracy. But all of these apparent inconsistencies did not disappoint most fans QAnon - on the contrary, the movement continues to gain new adherents.

Then he paused and almost Q - instead of more or less coherent sentences it posts on imageboard first turned into a random set of letters and symbols that are considered by some fans ciphers or codes, and then completely disappeared. In 2017, Q gave dozens of posts every day, but for the entire May 2019 he wrote only three fasting, and then a month all was silent. Who is the author of all these posts, it remains a mystery. If you do not take into account the assumption that it is indeed a high-ranking member of the presidential administration Trump, most realistic guesses came down to the fact that this massive hoax by a bored troll, perhaps a journalist or political opponent Trump, who wants to put fans president gullible fools.

When Q was silent for a month, journalist edition of The Daily Dot Mike Rothschild decided that this is his story over and asked in his tweet questionQAnon fans, saying that you will do next, because the new "crumbs" is clearly not worth the wait? (the truth, 27 June, after the release of the articleRothschild, Q wrote three post with a difference of a few minutes, one with some supposedly encrypted gibberish and two with the phrases "! For God and country Patriots, fight Q.» and «Get ready . Q »).

After talking with adherents QAnon - both ordinary and well-known, with hundreds of thousands of followers - Rothschild concluded that Q silence not only weakened the belief its fans, but it strengthened and new impetus to the movement. They still firmly writes Rothschild, believe in a "plan" President Trump and continue to decipher the riddles left Q. Now his positions, repeatedly saved and archived on the case of disappearance or remove moderated forums serve as a scripture whose true meaning believers need to comprehend their own, in the process of "opening the eyes" to himself and others on the manipulation of politicians and the media. The most dynamic and mass movement conspirological healed his own life by getting rid of the need for its creator.

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