Banksy painted a new graffiti — and this is an action against the UK's exit from the EU

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British street artist Banksy showed on instagram his new graffiti, which he posted at Heathrow international airport in London.

Graffiti appeared on the passage to the customs control zone for those arriving from the European Union. In the center of the graffiti is the inscription KEEP OUT ("do Not let") with a fallen off letter "T". This letter is used by the rat at the bottom of the work, which hits her on the castle.

The work is timed to the 251st summer exhibition of the Royal Academy of arts in London, which takes place from June 10 to August 12.

Banksy's new work is devoted to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. She continues the theme, which he raised exactly a year ago in graffiti "Vote to Love" ("vote for love").

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