Charles Honesty

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At one time, the American writer Charles Honestly was called the octorone - this was indicated by the special law of "one drop of blood." Octoron or octron is a racial term adopted in the United States to refer to people with 1/8 of African blood, that is, 12%, like Pushkin’s

Racist rules applied to the people with literally a touch of African origin: codecision - black on 1/16, trigeneration - black 1/32, and in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma even people who have one ancestor in the seventh generation was black, was subjected to all limitations and prohibitions that were imposed on blacks.

Honestly, though he was a descendant of quite wealthy slave owners, he considered himself African-American and did not hesitate, raising in his works acute class issues, themes of blatant racism and popularizing the heritage of African peoples and their culture - and so became one of the American black classic writers.

By the way, Alexander Dumas was proud that he was a quarter-black by 1/4.

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