David Lynch will be awarded an honorary "Oscar»

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David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar. He was nominated four times for the Academy award, but did not receive any

Director David Lynch will receive an honorary Oscar, announced the organizing Committee of the Academy award.

Lynch was nominated four times for the award — three times as the best Director for the films "elephant Man", "Mulholland Drive" and "Blue velvet". In addition, for the "elephant Man" Lynch was nominated for an Oscar as co-author of the best adapted screenplay. However, none of the "Oscar" of the Lynch is not.

The honorary Oscar will be awarded to Lynch at a special ceremony on October 27.

Honorary Academy awards in 2019 will receive actor Wes Studi and film Director Lina wertmuller from Italy. Actress Gina Davis will be awarded the prize named after Gene Hersholt, awarded for individual contribution to the cause of humanism. The award will mark Davis ' contribution to the fight against gender inequality in the film industry.

In 1990, the main prize of the Cannes film festival was awarded Lynch's film "Wild heart". In 2001, he received the Cannes award for best Director for "Mulholland Drive". Lynch has also won many other awards, including the Golden lion at the Venice film festival for his contributions to world cinema.

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