"Don't buy Coca-Cola unless you help with recycling»

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Coca-Cola company in support of waste management in Europe. The beverage manufacturer wants to attract the attention of consumers to the processing of plastic.

Producer of soft drinks Coca-Cola has launched a campaign in Belgium, urging consumers to take the garbage for recycling. Her slogan is "don't buy Coca-Cola unless you help us recycle."

With the help of advertising in social networks, the Internet and on physical banners, as well as promotions during the summer festivals, the company expects to attract the attention of consumers to the need to take bottles and other plastic for recycling. Following Belgium, the campaign will be launched in the Netherlands. 

Coca-Cola plans to bring the use of recycled plastic in the production of bottles to 50%. Now this figure is at the level of 26%.

"Recycling should become a reflex for every consumer, both at home and on the street. Then we will have more and more quality recycled plastic to produce new bottles. The aim of this campaign is to increase the level of waste processing."

Coca-Cola in Belgium

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