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Shareholders Facebook has failed to limit the powers of Zuckerberg. The votes he controlled were enough to reject their proposals.

At the annual meeting of shareholders Facebook rejected proposals aimed at limiting the powers of the company's founder Mark Zuckerberg. According to Bloomberg, the balance of votes has not yet been published, but for the failure of the initiatives was enough votes, which is controlled by Zuckerberg himself.

One of the proposals, which was supported by the treasurers of several American States, involved the appointment of an independent Chairman of the Board of Directors (Zuckerberg now combines this position with the position of Director General).

Another required to equalize the votes of all shares of the company — now Zuckerberg and a few other people own shares of class B, each of which corresponds to not one but ten votes; as a result, the founder of Facebook controls 58% of the votes.

The shareholders ' meeting was held against the backdrop of a discussion on the need to limit the influence of Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as the power of Zuckerberg. The reason for these conversations was, in particular, the inability of the company to deal with the use of social networks for propaganda and misinformation, as well as numerous scandals with data leaks.

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