Facebook has launched a website of the digital wallet Calibra for its own cryptocurrency Libra

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Now it is possible to specify your email for early access to the application

Facebook announced the launch of the digital wallet Calibra, with which you can pay with your own cryptocurrency social network Libra. On the website provide information about cryptocurrency, its benefits and usage.

Calibra will become a separate application for iOS and Android. The ability to use Libra will also be integrated into Facebook products, including WhatsApp and Messenger.

The site does not specify the exact launch date of Libra. However, users can specify an email address to sign up for early access. Media with reference to sources within the company noted that the testing of Libra will be launched before the end of 2019.

For the first time about the cryptocurrency Facebook became known in may 2018. Then it was only about internal payments in the social network. In may 2019, the company registered FINTECH company Libra Networks in Switzerland. As the BBC wrote, Facebook will launch its own cryptocurrency in 2020. In case of a successful launch, the cryptocurrency Facebook can become the largest in the world, the Verge notes.

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