Flies low, but the bullets do not take. The host of "Mythbusters" gathered the suit of Iron man

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The show "Savage Buildings"started on the Discovery channel. His is leading producer and specialist on special effects Adam savage (worked over "Matrix", "Star wars" and the third part of "Terminator"). He is known for the transfer of "Mythbusters" ("MythBusters"), in which the leading confirmed or refuted popular myths.

In his new show savage again engaged in experiments: collects cars in the spirit of "Mad max" or self-propelled projectile during the Second world war.

In the first issue, the host, together with the English inventor Richard Browning, created a bulletproof suit of Iron man, in which you can really fly, albeit low.

The details of the costume are printed on a 3D printer. It's made of titanium — and it really doesn't take bullets. Here's what the trials looked like:

In total, the first season of "Savage Buildings" will be eight episodes.

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