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Freedom is probably the most important feeling in a person's life. 

Here at me it seems as everything was adjusted with work (but it is not exact), there is no more abuse with the wife on trifles, but I still have no confidence in tomorrow... Because the salary I have not yet received, we are looking forward to it but hope it is not special. Summer does not promise to be warm and Sunny, the rains ahead. There's no money for booze , and it's all so depressing. There is no feeling of freedom of action, there is no ease inside that will give strength. There is only confusion, fear and it is not clear what to expect ahead...

About This...

This site is like a chain of help (6 handshakes).
I really hope that people will feel and help in the realization of 4 dreams.

Then this site will go to the next user, who will be selected at random,
among all those who decide to donate.

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