FSB officers were arrested on charges of robbery. They are suspected of stealing from the bank 140 million rubles

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In Moscow on charges of robbery arrested seven employees of FSB of Russia. Moscow garrison military court sanctioned the arrest of five of them, two others sent to house arrest, reports "Interfax" referring to the representative of the court.

Officially positions detainees are not named. According to  the data of RBC sources, the three special forces "Alpha", a member of the group of special purpose "Vympel" and two "K" control officer of the FSB and the FSB Academy Fellow. The Court noted that the case was being investigated under Section 4 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery committed by an organized group). The names of the suspects are unknown.

How to write "Vedomosti" on June 10, the suspects attacked a businessman who came to one of the banks with the amount of 136 million rubles. He intended to make it on deposit. FSB officers robbed a businessman of money and divided them between themselves and the employee of the bank, which they acted on a tip. Source RBC said in turn that the FSB officers staged a search on a false decision of the bank, in which were stolen money - 140 million rubles.

According to the  information of RBC, as indicated in Article 210 (organization of a criminal community), 159 (cheating) and 286 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code. A source close to the FSB, said that development groups continued for about a year, in the case can be from five to 12 episodes.

FSB has not officially commented on this information. July 2 online security services appeared short news about the arrest of employees, "involved in the theft of money belonging to a private entrepreneur."

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