Georgian television station suspended broadcasts after insults at Putin. And I resumed a few hours

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Lead in the air more than a minute using foul language against the Russian president and his family, which caused the protest action near the building of the channel.

Georgian opposition TV channel "Rustavi-2" suspended broadcasting on the night of July 8 because of the protest, passing in front of their wording. Prior to this, the leading TV channel to live more than a minute using foul language against Putin. This was reported on the channel's website.

CEO of broadcaster Nick Gvaramia explained broadcasting suspension of the fact that security forces failed to ensure the safety of journalists, protesters threw in the editorial office of different subjects and threatened to get inside. The Georgian Interior Ministry said that to ensure public order.

We stop broadcasting until such time as there is no complete safety. All journalists will return to the territory of the television, and we urge the government to fully protect the channel and independence of the media from this controlled process.

Nick Gvaramia
General Director of "Rustavi 2"
The protest followed Putin insults in a live TV channel from a journalist Giorgi Gabunia. He called the Russian president, "stinky occupier" and "bitch podzabornaya". The management of "Rustavi 2" has apologized for remarks Gabunia, and the President of Georgia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the remarks of the journalist.

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