Google admitted that listens for commands of the user voice assistant

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Google can listen to voice commands that give users smart dynamic Google Home or Google Assistant application. This was in the Google blog said product manager David Monsis.

Google pays a small part - 0.2% - recorded commands to decrypt the expert linguists. The corporation does this in order to better understand the different languages ​​and improve speech recognition technology Monsis said. He stressed that the transmitted record does not relate to user accounts, and experts not allowed to decrypt background conversations.

Monsis also admitted that sometimes the voice assistant can record the user's speech by mistake, taking other phrases for the team activation «Ok, Google». The corporations are working on measures to protect against such circumstances, Google spokesman said.

The Corporation issued a statement after the Belgian channel VRT News reported the receipt of more than a thousand recordings of voice commands from one of Google's contractors. The channel claimed that the samples contained the personal data of users, and by mistake had been made in some cases record.

In April, Bloomberg  published an  investigation into the Amazon staff who listen and analyze the write commands Voice Assistant Alexa. Apple and "Yandex" and can handle voice accounts.

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