Google's Game Builder, Linux kernel in Windows 10, Firefox corrective releases, etc.

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Revolut publishes interesting it and development news every week.

- GitHub has acquired a developer service for the joint verification of the code Pull Panda. After the deal, The pull Panda tools became available for free.

- Experts of the company Dr.The Web has detected Android malware.FakeApp.174. It is similar to the system sends a push notification and then leads the user to malicious sites.

- Microsoft is going to update Windows 10 to the latest version using machine learning. This will reduce the number of errors during the upgrade on different devices.

- Published ranking of the most high-performance computers in the world. The new release of the top ten has not changed, except for the fifth place, where the new cluster Frontera from Dell. 

- The ThinkPad line of laptops the P series from Lenovo optional will be supplied with preinstalled Ubuntu. Models will go on sale at the end of June.

- Came corrective releases of Firefox 67.0.3 and 60.7.1. They fixed a critical vulnerability that could cause browser crash when executing malicious JavaScript code

- MongoDB 4.2 has learned how to encrypt data at the field level (field-level encryption, FLE). A special driver on the MongoDB client side is responsible for this. To read the data in the database, you need to access either the client or the encryption keys.

- Microsoft has published Canary builds of the new edge browser for all supported versions of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

- Unity has released an update that makes it easier to add augmented reality features to native mobile games and apps.

- Amazon Game Studios announced the dismissal of several dozen game developers. They have two months to find a new place inside the company.

- Google introduced the application Game Builder, where you can create simple video games in the style of Minecraft without programming skills.

- Microsoft has released a test build of Windows 10 with a built-in Linux kernel. The company announced the upcoming release at the may build 2019 conference.

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