Google showed an image of Pixel 4 five months before the presentation after the leaks of the design of the smartphone

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Apparently, the company decided to seize the initiative in their hands.

Google has posted on Twitter the official image of the smartphone Pixel 4, which should be submitted only in October 2019. This is how the company reacted to the device's render leaks.

The main changes in the Pixel design will be a new camera shape. Now the module looks square and combines two cameras, a flash and two more sensors — one may be a depth sensor, and the second — a microphone.

Judging by the cover of Pixel 4, Google also removed the fingerprint sensor from the back for the first time. It was probably moved to the power button on the side or under the screen.

As noted at The Verge, information about the last few Pixel models appeared on the network long before the presentation. For example, in the case of Pixel 3 bloggers managed to take a picture, test and forget the smartphone in a taxi. Media reported that a batch of devices stolen from Foxconn factory and resold on the black market in Ukraine.

According to journalists, this time Google decided to keep the initiative. The company told The Verge that they can't confirm anything yet, except that it's really Pixel 4.

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