"I nearly died from loss of blood!" - American shot himself in the leg and wrote this review

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Every company dreams of such customer in the world. He shot himself, almost lost a leg and nearly died from blood loss, and even then wrote laudatory reviews about the products.

The American company G2 Research produces cartridges the RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile - «radically aggressive shell"). Their expansive bullet notched disclosed in the body of the victim, and the "petals" come off, causing additional damage. The use of such shells is prohibited in war a hundred years ago by the Hague Convention, as they lead to unnecessary suffering. But an individual in peacetime, they may well be to buy - for example, if you are enthusiastic arrows and live in the US.

And just recently, thanks to the idiotic one occasion, we found out how these bullets are people. And we know this firsthand. One user RIP rounds accidentally shot himself in the leg with one such, and then wrote a review on the G2 company Facebook page:

Surprisingly, that is not "6.5 out of 10, the value for the genre - the minimum." Such loyal and grateful customer, perhaps, can be found only in the world gun enthusiasts.

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