IKEA showed robotic furniture for small rooms.

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IKEA has introduced a robotic furniture system Rognan. The novelty is designed for small rooms.

The module consists of a bed, a wardrobe, a computer Desk and a sofa. Individual parts of this module can be folded, and the module itself — move around the room, turning it into a bedroom, living room or study.

Here's how it works:

Want to watch a movie? At the touch of a button on the touch panel bed itself "leaves" inside the module, freeing up space for the sofa. Need to work? Move the module (it also serves as a space divider) to the middle of the room and pull out the desktop hidden in it. It's the same with sleeping — the bed is also in the module and folds up when needed.

The system was developed in cooperation with Ori Living — an American startup engaged in the production of robotic furniture.

Sales will begin in 2020 in Japan and Hong Kong. The price of Rognan has not been announced yet.

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