In Severomorsk there was a fire at a nuclear submarine station, killing 14 sailors. the main thing

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14 sailors died in the fire in the deep unit of the Russian Navy , saidthe Ministry of Defense. The incident occurred on July 1, but know about him was only the next day. The cause of death was poisoning submariners combustion products. Among the dead - seven captains of the first rank and two of the Hero of Russia; According to "Fontanka", the dead submariners listed in the lists of the personnel, which is located in St. Petersburg.

Because of which there was a fire, it is not officially known. According to  the words "Gazety.Ru" sources, there is a short circuit. Ministry of Defense said that the fire broke out during the  bathymetric measurements in the territorial waters of Russia. The hearth fire was extinguished, the machine is currently in the naval base of Severomorsk. Director of the Norwegian Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety said that Russia has informed the Norwegian side of the gas explosion on board the submarine. Increase the background radiation, he said, it has not been fixed. Istochik Telegram channel Baza also reports of an explosion that preceded the fire on board.

The device on which the fire broke out - a nuclear-powered station "Losharik" (AS-12) , wrote RBC and  "Novaya Gazeta" , citing sources (Ministry of Defense did not specify the type of deep-water apparatus, saying only that he was Research). AS-12 station was designed in the 1980s. She has participated in, inter alia, in the 2012 expedition to the Lomonosov Ridge, during which the collected data to Russia a claim to expand the frontiers of the Arctic shelf. "Losharik" can take on board up to 25 people.

"Open Media" claim that the fire occurred in a "Losharike" and on the nuclear submarine - the carrier of such a device. One of the interviewees said the publication that we are talking about a nuclear submarine BS-64 "Orenburg", which is a carrier for deep-water stations "Losharik" (AS-12). According to a second source, a fire has occurred on the "Moscow" submarine BS-64, which, as reported , may also serve as a carrier of AS-12.

Some of the sailors could survive. Ministry of Defense did not specify information about survivors, but  noted that the fire was liquidated team effort (by  the data of "Novaya Gazeta" sources, after the fire compartment, where it originated, sealed). Baza reported that as a result of the incident four or five people were injured, they diagnosed poisoning by combustion products and concussion. Victims sent to the Naval Clinical Hospital Ministry of Defense in Severomorsk.

The publication "Severomorsk Life» published the news about the fire on the submarine before the official announcement - and thenremoved it. Journalist of "Kommersant" Alexander Chernykh laid out in a telegram screenshot news. It quoted sources said that on a submarine in Severomorsk night there was an explosion and fire; resulting in deaths and five to 10 suffered from 10 to 14 people. Black wrote that the news was published on 2 July at 11:30 am, which is about five hours before the Defense Ministry posts. Now it is removed, but its title wasin the Google SERP. Chief editor of "Severomorsk Life» Eugene Karpov said, "Medusa," which removed the news after he was asked to "remove the message and refer to official sources." He did not say who called him, but he said that he had received the "comments" from the fleet's press service.

"Fontanka" the governor announced a broadcast conversation with the relatives of seamen. Now this article is not available , noted "Mediazona". Petersburg edition of "Fontanka" published material "Direct Power On" from Murmansk, where at 19:00, Moscow time, allegedly was to begin meeting the acting governor of Murmansk area Andrey Chibisa relatives submariners. Later the news was not available. To "Fontanka" the site saysthat the page material not found on the server or access to it is prohibited.

President Vladimir Putin held an emergency meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu , the results of which gave an indication to personally go to Severomorsk to establish the circumstances of the incident. SC  began pre-investigation checks on the fact of the death of submariners. On the part of the Ministry of Defense of fire investigation led by Navy Commander Nikolai Evmenov.

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