Independent developers have released Flappy Royale - Flappy Bird with "royal battle"

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Game mechanics has not changed, but now includes the participation of 100 people.

Developers Orta Therox, Em Lazer-Walker and Zach Cage released Flappy Bird with "Battle Royale." In Flappy Royale players also need to fly between obstacles as a bird, but now it has 100 people doing the same time.

The game begins with the bus drop-off - as in Fortnite. Unlike the original Flappy Bird, Flappy Royale in participants should not hold out as long as possible, and get around 99 competitors - in this case, the player wins.

Also, now the bird in the game can be changed by purchasing hats, clothes and more. Any changes until they are free.

You can play the game for free on the official site . On mobile platforms, Flappy Royale is available in beta: to download the game, you must first install TestFlightand apply for a special page (for iOS), or become a member of the beta-test (on Android). The game is scheduled for July 2019.

June 16 fan Mario created a browser-based version of the game Mario Royale with "Battle Royale," which can simultaneously play up to a hundred people. According to the author, on the development of the game it took three weeks.

Shortly after the release of the developer contacted Nintendo and demanded to remove the game. Author obey requirements, but almost immediately re-releaseproject called DMCA Royale (a reference to the law of copyright Digital Millennium Copyright Act, - TJ approx.) And other Asset. Despite this, on June 26 Nintendo yet achieved complete closure of the game.

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