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How to get a million followers on instagram overnight? Run out on the field in the Champions League final

The Champions League final of the 2018/2019 season was remembered by many not only by Liverpool's victory. One of the most discussed episodes of the match, which took place on June 1 in Madrid, was the unexpected appearance on the field of a girl in a black swimsuit.

It was American instagram model Kinsey volon, shooting for Maxim and Sports Illustrated. She managed to break through the cordon of police from the rostrum behind the gate and run to the center of the field, where she was finally caught by stewards and taken to the sub-tribune room.

It was a planned advertising campaign by the blogger-of prankster Vitaly Zdorovetchi. On the girl's swimsuit was written the name of his erotic site.

Immediately after that, Kinsey volanski's instagram account under the nickname kinsey_sue began to rapidly gain popularity. Over a million people signed up for it overnight. On the evening of June 1, the model had 300 thousand followers, by Sunday morning they have 1.7 million, and this figure continues to grow.

Blogger has promised to marry the volon. He Zdorovetchi previously arranged the same prank in 2014, he ran onto the field in the final of the world Cup in Brazil.

Renewed. Day 2 June account Kinsey volanski in instagram for unknown reasons became unavailable. The service reports that the link is invalid or the page has been deleted.

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