"Kommersant": Suspects in robbery FSB stole money Chinese working on the "Gardener" market

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140 million rubles, theft suspected the FSB, belonged to Chinese nationals working in the Moscow wholesale market "Gardener". They expected to exchange them for $ 2.5 million and sent home. It is reported by "Kommersant", citing sources.

The raid occurred at the address where the bank is located "Metallurg" . Soon disappeared businessman Boris Karamatov , who was involved in exchange operations and rented office at the same address, says "Kommersant".

Shortly before his disappearance Karamatov interested in friends, who investigates crimes connected with illegal cashing and withdrawal abroad. He was advised to contact the police, but the businessman said that he feared the provocation. "We'll Live Till Monday [10 June], then it will be known" - he said one of his friends. Judging by the WhatsApp, Karamatov was last in the network is on 10 June. In this day and there was an attack on the "Metallurgist".

At the same time, as "Kommersant" notes in the "Metallurgy" claim that any raid in his office was not, and the money of the bank or its customers are not stolen.

May 5th the military court has arrested five employees of the FSB and sent under house arrest two more. Later, it was reported on the wanted list of eight more. All of them are in the case of robbery, the details of which are not known officially. Media reported that in 2018 the suspects stole from the bank 140 million rubles, and that they may also be implicated in the loss of money during searches.

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