Косово је Србија

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Serbian authorities brought the army to full alert after the Kosovo special forces began a major special operation in areas inhabited by ethnic Serbs.

As reported on the morning of 28 may, the national television of Serbia, in the municipality of Zubin Potok and the Northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, local residents began to build barricades so as not to miss cars with special forces.

Serbian authorities reported that, according to unofficial data, the special forces have already detained 23 people — Kosovo police officers of Serbian nationality and civilians, including ethnic Bosnians. Serbian President Alexander Vucic also announced the detention of a Russian, an employee of the UN interim administration Mission in Kosovo Mikhail Krasnoshchekov. The Russian foreign Ministry in an official comment called the actions of the Kosovo authorities "another provocation of Pristina aimed at intimidating and squeezing out the non-Albanian population."

Marco Djuric, Director of the Kosovo office of the government of Serbia, expressed confidence that the actions of the regional authorities were aimed at squeezing out the Serbian population and called them "a direct threat to peace". "If this does not stop immediately, Serbia will no doubt react within a day," - warned dzhurich.

The Kosovo authorities have confirmed the special operation. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinai explained that it is aimed at combating smuggling and organized crime, as well as at corrupt police and customs officers. "Organized crime is a direct threat to our common progress, it cannot be supported on an ethnic or any other level," haradinay tweeted. He urged residents to remain calm.

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