"Kursk" Thomas Vinterberg: European drama about the death of the Russian submarine, in which there is no Vladimir Putin

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On June 27, Russian rolling out movie Danish director Thomas Vinterberg "Kursk" - a drama about the death of a Russian submarine. He produced a picture of Luc Besson, starring Colin Firth, Max von Syudof, Lea Seydoux. Film critic "Medusa" Anton Dolin explains why this epic picture of disregard for people not to become worse by a homely drama or incorrect details.

This is a rare film, which is the Russian dubbing. All we pointed out how awkward it sounds Russian accent by excellent European actors, but now the gap has disappeared, and immediately lost the desire to look to the "Kursk" cranberries. Although such searches - a favorite sport for all, be they liberals or patriots, in quotation marks or without. Probably, so viewers of Russia cope with the trauma neprogovorennosti. It comes to claims quite petty. Have heard, and that the "Kursk" sank in 2000, and Metallica concert in Moscow (his story look submariners) was nine years before - although, judging by the final credits, the authors of the painting know well, and there is no indication that show performance in a live broadcast. And say that the children of sailors gather mushrooms ostensibly for the sake of food, and in fact their father salary is not so insignificant (though children can not just pick mushrooms). And the song with the refrain "The sailor, a sailor and his heart hard, and hand" never, you see, did not exist.

Surely, if we set a goal, then you can catch inaccuracies long as you wish. However, it is important to make three amendments. First, producer Luc Besson and directed by Thomas Vinterberg did everything possible to claim to the documentary was not in their drama. Second, the Russian Defense Ministry  denied the author picture of help and advice, it is not filmed in Russia. Finally, the third: in all honesty, how many of us know exactly how to live almost 20 years ago, the Northern Fleet submariners? 

The tragedy of "Kursk" was known all over the world - the world has the right to a film about it, and Besson with Vinterberg tried very hard without any opportunism tell the story by means of feature films. Nobly their decision not to engage in clarifying Vladimir Putin's personal guilt - the author of the infamous formula "she drowned," - and did erase it from the film, extending this lapidary formula to live the drama of people who find themselves hostage to the circumstances. Among them is an accident on a submarine, and the slowness of the Russian bureaucracy, and nature itself. At the same time, without reaching the level of detail, which became famous for the TV series "Chernobyl", a film Winterberg honestly committed to accuracy in the most important, even piercing in small details.

Important unthinkable for Europeans neglect to private human destinies, which has become an axiom of Russia's painful for those who think this sacrifice the natural, and those who curse it. This, not censorship, is the main reason that this film is not removed, and could not withdraw from us. Reserved, but now indifferent, behind which is hidden concealed sincere pain - feeling one of the minor characters in the film (the important thing here, however, is not present), the English admiral David Russell, excellently played by Colin Firth. He wants to help the dying sailors on the submarine, but not admitted to military officials. It's hard not to draw parallels with Besson and Vinterberg, which have not admitted to the materials of "Kursk" in the death of precisely the same reason. "There are too many state secrets" 


Firth fits perfectly into the stamp of the noble Briton, whose sacred brotherhood of the sea. Much the same can be said about all the heroes of the film, in which the idea and the script look like a vigorous emotional music of the same Metallica (indeed, the original soundtrack of Alexandre Desplat somewhat thinner). Known for "Tony Edman» German Peter Simonischek (honest old campaigner Admiral Georgian, who can not go against the blunt indifference superiors), the great Swede Max von Sydow (something most bosses - Admiral Petrenko), equipped with a frightening bang beautiful Frenchwoman Lea Seydoux (pregnant the captain's wife Averin with "Kursk"), a courageous Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts (the same Averin, a hero and a Stoic, taking the lead over a team of submariners dying) - each character is drawn a greasy paint, deprived of any kind was the complexity and ambiguity. But in front of us the epic of the tragic death of the crew, a kind"Song of Roland" , which is not the place to psychological games and social speculation. Undeniable glamor in this straightforward strategy is - it works just as strongly and immediately, as a ballad notorious Metallica, hear live.

Not one ironic commentary devoted to the invitation Vinterberg directed the project - after all, the producer. Say, Besson googled and found out that the Dane has a picture called "Submarino" (a family drama about drug addiction), and on this basis it has chosen. Of course, the "Kursk" very far from the legendary "Celebrations", Which began with the glory of Winterberg, though, and includes the initial scene feast with a toast. But the formal skills of director not gone anywhere: he clearly sympathizes with his characters, even a third-rate, and in any stage does not make visibility Hollywood type above the human drama. The main merit here - an outstanding operator Anthony Dod Mantle, Winterberg associate with his debut tape, and later worked with Lars von Trier, Danny Boyle and Oliver Stone. And epic disappearance of the boats in the depths of the sea, and dreamlike, poetic underwater photography and reportage-nerve crash scene reminiscent of the style of "Dogma 95" is converted to "Kursk" in a spectacular show, with more than compensate for the flaws homely drama. 

Perhaps this is the case when any claims on the part of Russian viewers finally can say, "I do not like the" Kursk "? Remove your best. "    

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