"Levada-Center" with two-thirds of Russians have called the police planting drugs common

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66% of Russians believe that the planting of drugs by police and falsification of criminal cases in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have become a common practice in today's Russia. This is evidenced by the survey , "Levada-center", held in connection with  Ivan Golunova affair . Results of the study published by RBC.

According to the survey, on the prosecution of the journalist "Medusa" heard 56% of Russians. Interviewees have different opinions reasons that influenced the release of Golunova. 29% believe that this happened because of the protests in Moscow against the arrest of a journalist. 28% believe that the special correspondent of "Medusa" was released to address the country's leadership to quickly pay off the protests on the eve of the Day of Russia and the "straight line" with Putin. Another 32% of those surveyed said the lack of factual basis for the arrest and the criminal case of the journalist.

55% of Russians believe that the case of Ivan Golunova will not have serious consequences for the Interior Ministry. 36% believe the contrary. Only 18% of respondents said that cases of police planting drugs are rare and are rare. Many believe that the aid in such cases of illegal persecution of them will have only influential acquaintances.

The Russians are convinced that most of these cases are falsified by the security forces for the sake of corporate interests, reporting or is custom-made, notes Gudkov. "The belief in the corruption of the organs makes the respondents feel hopeless. They are sure that the dismissed generals will hang the case, and the rotten system of the interior Ministry will not change," the expert explained.

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