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Louisiana became the fifth American state to ban abortion.

The Governor of Louisiana, Democrat John bell Edwards, signed a law banning abortion after you can clearly hear the heartbeat of the fetus — that is, when pregnancy is later than six weeks. Previously, the law was approved by a majority vote of the state Parliament.

The ban on abortion in Louisiana, CNN writes, will come into force only if the Federal court will support a similar law previously adopted in Mississippi.

In addition to the Mississippi and Louisiana laws prohibiting abortion after you can clearly hear the heartbeat of the fetus, have recently been adopted in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Alabama. Some of these laws do not allow abortion even in cases of rape and incest. None of these laws have yet entered into force.

The democratic party, of which the Governor of Louisiana is a member, does not support a ban on abortion beyond six weeks. However, Edwards himself is known as an opponent of abortion.

Some Hollywood companies have previously stated that they can refuse to shoot in the States where strict abortion laws have been adopted.

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