Microsoft has banned employees from using the free version of Slack and forced them to switch to their own messenger

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The company believes that it is not safe to use Slack and Google Docs.

Microsoft has banned more than 100,000 employees from using the free version of Slack due to security risks. The company also "does not encourage" the use of Google Docs and Amazon Web Service enterprise cloud. This was reported by the publication GeekWire with reference to the internal document of the company.

"Slack Free, Standard and Plus versions do not meet the security requirements for Microsoft intellectual property protection. Current slack users must migrate their work cheats and files to Microsoft Teams, which offers the same functionality. The slack Enterprise Grid version meets Microsoft's requirements, but we advise employees to use Teams, not a competitor's program."

from an internal Microsoft document

Employees are only allowed to use Amazon Web Services and Google Docs if they are "justified for business reasons." Github, which is owned by Microsoft, is not encouraged to store "strictly confidential information."

Microsoft has also banned employees from using the Grammarly app, which checks text for errors: "the Grammarly browser Extension can access protected information stored in email and documents."

Microsoft launched a free version of Teams ' corporate messenger — a competitor of Slack — in 2018. Before that, the company introduced new features for group voice calls.

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