New text from The Verge about Facebook moderators: they talked about the death of an employee in the workplace and violent videos

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The moderators agreed to talk to the publication, violating the nondisclosure agreement.

The Verge has released a new investigation about Facebook moderators — with the publication agreed to talk three employees, despite the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). As in the case of the first text, the authors also talked to the moderators, who remained anonymous.

- Facebook moderators work through a third-party cognizant firm in an office in Tampa. When hiring them promise enough free time, high wages and no obstacles to personal life. One of the employees said that it was a hoax: they are forced to work at night and do not pay bonuses for processing;

- Several people spoke about the "unbearable" conditions in the office. Women are constantly on the dirty the toilets, and men — about the pubes on the desktop, the remains of food scattered everywhere and things. Even moderators complained about regular skirmishes between employees;

- The main complaint of employees in the so-called "accuracy rate", which should not fall below 98%. Facebook uses an algorithm to measure the speed and accuracy of moderators and how quickly they respond to complaints. Because of this figure in the office do not stay longer than two years: they are fired for low "accuracy rate" or they give up under the pressure of working conditions;

- The most colorful case is the death of one of the moderators in the workplace. In March 2018, the employee suffered a heart attack, as he worked overtime. He died on the way to the hospital. The company denied this information;

- Another employee complained of depression due to violent videos. One of them showed amputation of organs in children who were conscious. Moderators are forced to watch these videos two or three times and spend at least 15 to 30 seconds;

- According to the newspaper, Facebook is aware of these problems and is improving the conditions in the office in Tampa. In the previous investigation, the representative of the social network noted that the stories told by anonymous are not always true.

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