Nike has set the basketball hoop on Olympus after the first title for the Greek player NBA

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Advertising symbolizes climbing Yannis Adetokumbo "to the streets of Athens to the top NBA».

Nike has set the basketball hoop on top of Mount Olympus to honor the player "Milwaukee" Yannis Adetokumbo, who was the first basketball players of Greece was named the Most Valuable Player in the NBA. This was said creative director Eugene Primachenko to Facebook project. 

Ring placed at an altitude of 2911 m. In the description of said roller, it somvoliziruet path that passed the streets Yannis Adetokumbo CEPOL (Athens area) to the top NBA.

Over the roller work agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, clarifies the Creative Review. This video is part of a series of Nike commercials about the history of the struggle that lies at the heart of the careers of many athletes, the publication adds.

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