NYT: US companies continue to supply Huawei technology, despite the ban on trade

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US technology companies will continue to supply its products to the Chinese Huawei, despite the fact that the United States included the company in the black list . It is reported by The New York Times, citing sources.

Its products, in particular, supply manufacturers Intel and Micron processors. Deliveries began in early June, about three weeks ago. Companies have used the fact that the goods produced outside the United States, is not always considered to be American.

Under the current ban, US companies can sell to mid-August Huawei components for the company's existing products. In this case, a ban on the supply of goods for future models of Huawei operates now.

The Intel and Micron declined to comment.

FedEx Delivery Service has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce, which has made Huawei blacklisted. FedEx objected to the fact that it needs to keep track of millions of packages that do not violate the ban on the export of Chinese goods.

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