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Norwegian designer dressed models in huge balloons. But it's actually dresses.

30 may in London at the competition L'Oreal Young Talent Awards has won the Norwegian designer Fredrik Hermansen. He showed a collection of outfits, more like balloons. First, the models came out on the podium in huge colored bubbles, during the fashion show bubbles deflated and turned dress. Looks pretty weird:

To blow the bubble, the model needs to open a special valve hidden inside the structure, the designer said. In this case, the ball is not put on top of the clothes, all the details are connected. According to him, before the show for a long time he feels every outfit strength. It happened that the dress blew up — but the model did not suffer, usually he experiences them.

The largest bubble in his collection reaches 10 meters in diameter. Small bubbles inflate about 10 minutes, large — about an hour.

Now, judging by the profile on Facebook, the designer works in the fashion house Balenciaga, known for its crazy ideas.

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