Personnel "Alpha", "Vympel" and control "K" of the FSB detained in Moscow on suspicion of theft

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In Moscow, detained six employees of the FSB of Russia, RBC reports referring to sources in the security services.

Among those detained three members of the special unit "Alfa", a member of the group of special purpose "Vympel" and two officers of the "K" (Banking Department) of FSB of Russia. Also in the case, said a source passes FSB Academy.

RBC sources also reported on the audit carried out at the Center for Special Purpose Federal Security Service, involved in combating terrorism.

According to the companion publication, the FSB is suspected of embezzling from the bank. According to one source, it is about 140 million rubles, according to another - about 170 million rubles.

Source "Vedomosti" said that the detainees were associated with the former management of the bank's "European Express", but their detention was not directly related to the work of this institution.

Officially, the FSB Public Relations Center of the detention of the staff would not comment.

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