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Imagine a game with all the heads of state, unions and associations, where everyone will have their own characteristics based on their style of behavior.

Vladimir Putin, Donald trump, Angela Merkel, XI Jinping, Kim Jong UN, Hassan Rouhani, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Zelensky, Alexander Lukashenko, Jens Stoltenberg, Mike Pompeo and respectively NATO, the UN, Russia, North Korea, China, Israel and so on are fighting each other in the style of Mortal Kombat or MMO RPG, with their little chips. For example, Donald Trump will use bangs in the form of an Ulta, the head of North Korea will scare everyone with nuclear missiles, hiding them somewhere in the bushes on the map, Angela Merkel will constantly fly to the President of France for advice, and they will have a joint Ulta. Iran will have a secret uranium enrichment dungeon and it will glow in the dark or dazzle....well, if you play for the unions, for example, the European Union against Russia, they will throw vegetables in the form of a food embargo. The kind of game I would play)))

P. S Ulta for Putin, I did not come up)

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