Pornhub studio deleted channel was accused of human trafficking and publish videos without the consent of the actresses

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In July, 22 women sued Girls Do Porn for the fact that the rollers with their participation hit the Internet.

Pornhub deleted verified studio channel Girls Do Porn videos and uploaded on its channel, after the company was accused of human trafficking and publish videos without the consent of the actresses. This was reported The Verge.

Girls Do Porn - studio, which is engaged in the casting of actresses. They also come to the girl, who had not starred in such commercials. And some of them never participated in such shootings.

Studio actresses stated that commercials will be released in New Zealand and Australia only on carriers, in the end they were on Pornhub and other sites. After that, 22 women filed against the company. They told me that the video see their loved ones, and some of the actress said of the persecution, depression and suicidal thoughts.

In October, the studio owner, operator and principal actor FBI indicted on charges of human trafficking, fraud and forced sex. They face life in prison and a fine of 250 thousand dollars.

At the same time Pornhub deleted videos only channel studios, and not from the entire site. These measures are taken only after the FBI charges, though more women have accused the studio in June.

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