Released mobile game Wizards Unite — it's like Pokemon GO, but in the world of "Harry Potter»

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Journalists call it a breakthrough in augmented reality games.

On iOS and Android released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — a mobile game in the Harry Potter universe. While it is officially available only in the US and the UK, in the app stores of other countries it is not (and when the game will be released in Russia, is unknown). "Jellyfish have studied that on Wizards Unite journalists write, tested game.

What is Wizards Unite
A game with elements of augmented reality, very similar to Pokemon GO — they even have the same developer, the American Studio Niantic. In Wizards Unite need to walk the streets, pump levels, brew potions, look for magical items (from the Golden Snitch to the lost letters from Hogwarts), to pacify the fantastic creatures, as well as to fight with Dementors and dark wizards.

Events in the game take place after the "Gifts of death": through the mysterious portals magic leaked into the world of Muggles — and because the mystery of the existence of wizards was threatened.

What about it write mass-media

Journalist Nicole carpenter calls Wizards Unite the next step in the development of augmented reality games. The world around directly affects the mobile "Harry Potter" — for example, take into account the weather and time of day. Werewolves only come out during the full moon; and on plants that are needed for magic potions, there was Rosa.

In Wizards Unite there is a joint battle, designed for five people. Players can join groups and work together to repel waves of enemies. Each team member has his own role: one attacks, the other heals, the third strengthens his comrades with special spells and so on.

Also in Wizards Unite is the portals moving players into familiar locations from the "Harry Potter" — from the hut of Hagrid to Diagon alley. Thanks to augmented reality, these places seem to be embedded in our world, and you can even walk through them.

Game Informer

Game Informer editor Imran Khan describes Wizards Unite as a more comprehensive version of Pokemon GO. At the same time, the journalist notes that the shareware game on "Harry Potter" insistently pushes to spend real money on it.

Here's the thing: spells in Wizards Unite consume special energy. It ends quickly, but over time, the stock is restored by itself. If you do not want to wait, you can buy this energy — and play on.

In theory, it is not necessary to spend real money rather than in-game money. But, according to Imran Khan, Wizards Unite is almost entirely tied to the use of spells — they need to draw on the screen of the device. Therefore, errors in the literal sense can be costly.

The Guardian
Compared to last year's Hogwarts Mystery, another mobile game by "Harry Potter", Wizards Unite is not so Intrusive in their proposals to spend on something real money, writes journalist Jay Castello. In her article, she complained about the long loading screens, unexpected "departures" from the game and disconnections (Wizards Unite requires a constant Internet connection).

However, the game she liked, especially the study of the world and the image of magic. According to Castello, Pokemon GO and mobile "Harry Potter" are similar in many aspects, but Wizards Unite turned out to be "more complex". Also, the journalist believes that the startup Wizards Unite is less of a problem than it was a Pokemon GO immediately after his release in 2016.

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