Restarting Children's games

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On June 20 will be released Thriller "Childish games". It is a restart of the 1988 horror film about the Chucky doll, in which the spirit of a serial killer lives. The Director of the new film was Lars Kleberg, but one of the writers was don Mancini, who participated in the creation of the script "Children's games" in 1988.

The notable difference is that in the restart Chucky became a high-tech toy, but his appearance has not changed much: the same red hair, denim overalls and colored turtleneck. The slogan of the new film was: "your best friend...until his death," in the old film was: "no one believes the truth...or lives to say it."

The movie trailer looks quite interesting and frightening. And the expectation rating was 93%. Also from the trailer it is visible that against Chucky the group of children will act. Well, what is the film itself can be found only on June 20.

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