Reuters: Intel and Qualcomm have banned their employees from informal contact with Huawei employees

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Companies fear problems with the us government

Several major technology companies, including Intel, Qualcomm and South Korean operator LG Uplus, have banned their employees from informal contacts with Huawei employees. This was reported by Reuters.

The journalists said that such talk was routine work. They are needed to discuss technical standards of various communication technologies such as 5G. Reuters believes that such restrictions may slow down the deployment of fifth-generation networks. Businesses have banned communication with Huawei employees because they want to avoid any potential problems with the us government. The journalists said that the White house officially did not forbid such contact.

The conflict between Huawei and the us authorities escalated in may 2019, when the us Department of Commerce put the company on the "black list". After that, it began to refuse to work with American firms, including Google, IBM, Qualcomm and not only. On may 21, us authorities extended Huawei's license for 90 days.

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