Reuters reported the burglary "Yandex" Western intelligence agencies. The company said that the attack neutralized

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Hackers working for Western intelligence agencies, hacked "Yandex" of the system in 2018. It is reported by Reuters with reference to four sources.

The attack took place in October-November 2018. When hacking rarely used Regin malware program, which is believed to be the US secret services used, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Which of these countries has carried out the attack is unknown. Hackers still have access to the system "Yandex" for at least several weeks, writes Reuters.

Agency sources have suggested that hackers are looking for technical information on how to "Yandex" authenticates user accounts. This information could help hackers to impersonate user "Yandex" and gain access to their personal messages. It states that the purpose of the attack was a group of developers, "Yandex".

"Yandex" has confirmed the hacking attempts, without specifying its source. The company noted that the attack was neutralized in the beginning, before the damage occurred. "We can assure that the attackers were not able to access user data service" Yandex "," - said the press service of the company. They noted that "Yandex" has regularly faced with cyber threats; Company policy does not allow to distribute detailed information on such cases.

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