Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman!

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Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman! WTF!!!!!!!!!

Finally, now we know who will play Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves ' upcoming reboot of Batman.

And he's an actor in the Twilight franchise. According to new reports Variety became known that Robert Pattinson signed a contract for the role of Batman in the new film.

Pattison replaces Ben Affleck, who was originally going to write and make a film, as well as the hero, but left the project.

The report notes that Pattinson will be the youngest actor who will play Batman. He is now only 32 years old. Director Matt Reeves wrote the screenplay, focusing on fighting crime in his first years before becoming the greatest detectives in the world.

It is unknown when the shooting will start, but with the main role, finally, everything cleared up and now, perhaps, we learn the rest of the castes in the near future. Production is rumored to start sometime later this year.

Reeves spoke in detail about the upcoming film, revealing that he should be a Noir detective.

This is a very important point of view – the Noir story of Batman. I hope it will be an exciting but also emotional story. There will be more Batman detective than we've seen in other movies.

While Ben Affleck helped start the overall universe as a Dark knight, it seems like this new movie will give up connections to other movies instead of telling a focused story.

We should wait for the official announcement from Warner Bros.

"Batman" is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021


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