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From the Russian version of the film "Rocketman" about Elton John cut out the scene of sex between men

In Russia changed the biopic "Rocketman" about Elton John, according to the TV channel "Rain". This became known at the premiere, held on may 30 at the cinema "October" in Moscow.

After the show, the host of "Rain" Mikhail Kozyrev, who presented the film to the audience, said that the film cut out all the scenes with kisses of men, homosexual sex and episodes where drugs appear.

Film critic Anton Dolin, who participated in the show, said on Facebook that the film was removed "five minutes of principle, very important for artistic design." He called it censorship.

Film critic Yegor Moskvitin, who watched the film at the Cannes film festival, confirmed this information. According to him, the credits also removed the fragment, which says that Elton John met true love and shows a photo of the singer with his wife.

In Russia, "Rocketman" will be released on June 6. In the Russian hire the film a rating of 18+.

In China, in March, an edited version of the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" about Queen Freddie mercury soloist was released, from which six scenes were cut with the mention of the musician's homosexuality. In Russia, where "Bohemian Rhapsody" was released in November 2018, showed the full version of the film. The film also had an 18+rating.

Update. The company "Central partnership", engaged in the rental of the film "Rocketman", reported that it "has been amended to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation." The Ministry of culture, in turn, said that it did not give the distributor any recommendations on the removal of scenes from the film — "this is solely the decision of the company."


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