Shoigu: the cause of emergency on the submarine - a fire in the battery compartment. Nuclear plant was not damaged

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The cause of an accident with a deep-water device Fund of the Russian Federation was a fire in the battery compartment. This was at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Nuclear installation of the submarine after a fire "isolated and deserted," and is in full working order. According to Shoigu, it gives reason to expect recovery apparatus "in a fairly short period of time."

Previously, information about what the device was equipped with a nuclear facility, officially confirmed was not.

In case of fire in the underwater vehicle 14 officers were killed in the Barents Sea. Here are their names .

According to the  version of the source of "Kommersant", the majority of the crew at the time of the fire were on vacation to the living compartment, and for whatever reason do not have time to take advantage of the protection means to breathe in a smoky environment.

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