Social security number

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Every American has a social security number SSN. Interesting history numbers 078-05-1120. 

In the thirties, one of the manufacturers of inexpensive leather wallets, to demonstrate to customers a new convenient device purse, invested in a small closed celluloid compartment wallet copy of the card with the number 078-05-1120 – it was a social security number of his Secretary. A little overestimating the human ingenuity, he did not think to provide the card with the inscription: "Sample".

Later, his Secretary became famous for being the only person in the history of the social security program, whose number was abolished and replaced by another. And all this because people really started using these cards as real (and they, along with wallets sold many thousands) – they decided that together with the wallet they were given SSN. For many years, taxes were paid on this account, and even a generation later the tax service still received information about money transfers with this magic number from all over the country, because the cards were not fully understood. And today, after so many years, sometimes still come the money for this number.

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