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“Get ready for the headboard dump” SpaceX put 60 satellites into orbit. They can be seen from the Earth!

On May 23, SpaceX launched 60 satellites into orbit for its global Internet project Starlink.  According to Engadget, satellites weighing 227 kilograms each will fly around the Earth at a distance of 550 kilometers from the surface of the planet. With the help of solar energy, they will be able to provide an Internet connection to the entire globe (later new ones will be added to the first 60 devices; Engadget estimates that the total number is “thousands”).  Within hours after launch, satellites could be observed from the Earth. Thus, the Dutch amateur astronomer Marco Langbrook filmed SpaceX spacecraft in the sky over his country.  “Here is my video, get ready for the dumps head”, - wrote Langbrook in his blog.

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