SpaceX will launch into space Falcon Heavy with the ashes of 152 people together with scientific equipment

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The launch will take place tomorrow — you will not be able to sign up.

June 24, the company Elon Musk SpaceX will launch into space launch vehicle Falcon Heavy. On Board with NASA scientific equipment will be the ashes of 152 people. Like previous launches, this one will be live. Details about this publication reported Business Insider.

The launch will take place within the Space Test Program-2 with the support of NASA. Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Is responsible for the delivery of the ashes: steel capsules with the remains will be Packed into one of the scientific satellites and placed in the rocket along with the rest of the equipment. This company regularly buys free space on spaceships to place the ashes of customers in them.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights previously sent into space the ashes of famous actors, such as "Star trek", as well as engineers and astronauts. The service costs from 5 thousand dollars for one gram of remains. On many capsules, as on tombstones, write epitaphs or the last words of the dead, for example, "Get to the stars!".

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