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I hate spoilers, why do this? Projects that interest me, projects, I learned almost everything and in fact now have to look only at the visual picture, because I already learned the essence ...

"Game of Thrones" - The new king was Bran Stark. He was killed by John Snow.  Brana was nominated by Tirion Lannister. According to him, the younger Stark has everything necessary to become a worthy king: Bran survived a fall from high towers and became a three-eyed Raven, the memory and custodian of historical Westeros.  They will not claim the throne. We will choose a special board. By Stark's decision, Tirion was appointed the new right hand of the king. Bran will be dominated by six, not seven kingdoms - Sansa Stark announced the secession of the North, of which she herself became the ruler. At the same time, Bran will not sit on the Iron Throne either. The throne melted with its flame dragon Drogon.

"The Big Bang Theory" - Rajesh will want to marry and find a girl from India with the help of her parents. It was supposed a marriage of convenience - but it turned out for love. Stewart will meet his love too.Penny first admits to Leonard that he does not want children at all (and he wants something!), But then she becomes pregnant. Amy and Sheldon will receive the Nobel Prize. Sheldon will give a terribly touching speech. Last scene: friends sit at home and eat. Plays the acoustic version of the title song.

"Avengers: Endgame" - Iron Man will die, sacrificing himself to save the world.


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