Swatch x Bape collaboration

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Swatch is releasing a collaborative line with Bape. In limited release included six interpretations spring new Swiss brand — watches Big Bold.

The key difference of each model is the coloring of the traditional camouflage pattern Bape. One of them is made in black and green, the most recognizable camouflage Bape. The other five, dedicated to the world capitals, are painted in alternative colors.

Watches inspired by Bern, for example, are made in a combination of black and blue. The Parisian model plays with the colors of the national flag and the style of the recently opened Bape store in France. The clock dedicated to London, the dial is made in a bright red shade — probably with a hint of traditional buses and telephone booths. The new York clock features a gold color — as a reminder of the city's hip-hop roots and Bape. And of course, the Tokyo model received a darker variation of the pattern — swamp-black.

Limited edition: a model inspired by the capitals, numbered and released in 1 993 or 983 of the instance.

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