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“It's no wonder dictators love WhatsApp.” Pavel Durov about the competitor messenger.

The world seems shocked - WhatsApp turned phones into spyware. Everything on your phone is available to hackers because you have WhatsApp. It does not surprise me - it already was. All of these security issues work as backdoors. WhatsApp could install them by order of the FBI (Telegram team faced the FBI three times in a week spent in the USA).

Installation backdoors explain the fight against terrorism, but they also use authoritarian regimes. It is not surprising that dictators love WhatsApp - you can spy on people. Therefore, in Russia and Iran, WhatsApp is available, and Telegram is prohibited. When encryption was added to WhatsApp, Russia and other countries received keys for decryption. Over the ten years of existence, WhatsApp has never been secure.

Telegram is responsible for shaping the future. Either we or monopoly Facebook. We have already won them - and we will win again. It will not be easy, we are counting on users. If every Telegram user convinces three friends to remove WhatsApp and go to Telegram forever, the era of greed and hypocrisy will end. The era of freedom and privacy will begin.

Full text: Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure


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