Telegram launched geochat that allows you to search for people nearby

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Radius — from 100 meters to 12 kilometers.


- In Telegram appeared geocity — conversations between users that are close to each other. You don't need to share a contact or share a phone number to communicate;

- Anyone can create a geochat, you need to specify its subject and geolocation radius. To start the conversation, go to "Contacts" and select "Find people nearby»;

- The feature is now available for IOS and Android devices. The minimum radius of geolocation — 100 meters, the maximum — 12 kilometers. The number of participants is not limited to geochat;

- In the beta version of Telegram geocity launched on June 19. Recently, this feature appeared in "Yandex.Browser", and before that — in the messenger FireChat, which works within a radius of 60 meters without an Internet connection

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