The Bell: former deputy head of the DIA Miroshnikov and Cherkalin FSB colonel offered to banks for money to "solve problems" with licenses

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According to sources, The Bell and the "Project" , FSB Colonel Cyril Cherkalin, accused of fraud, and the former first deputy head of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), Valery Miroshnikov offered to banks for money to "solve problems" with the license.

Miroshnikov DIA oversaw the liquidation of banks. Cherkalin headed the FSB second "K" management department dedicated to fighting crime in the banking sector.

A source in the banking sector told The Bell and "project" that he had been approached "people associated with DIA" and demanded 200 million in exchange for a waiver of the Bank's management of persecution for the withdrawal of his money. The interviewee suggested that this proposal was due to the Miroshnikov. According to him, it was the normal practice.

Another interviewee The Bell and "project" and called Miroshnikova Cherkalin "close friends."

Miroshnikov, who announced on July 10 about the resignation "for health reasons" for a few months is not in Russia. According to The Bell, «Project" and "Kommersant" , Miroshnikov left the country shortly after the arrest Cherkalin in late April. The former first deputy head of the DIA, the newspaper "Kommersant", mentioned in the materials Cherkalin case, but his procedural status is not defined.

FSB Colonel Cyril Cherkalin was arrested on 25 April in the case of fraud on a large scale. Custody and two of his former colleagues Dmitry Frolov and Andrei Vasilyev, were taken. During the search Cherkalin, Frolov and Vasilyeva seized a record 12 billion rubles.

Valery Miroshnikov worked at DIA since its inception in January 2004. Officially resigned from the post of first deputy head of the agency, he will take from 22 July.

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